When will I receive my WNDollars?

WNDollars are paid out on a monthly basis. 

If you wish to have your WNDollars applied to your account, you will receive a statement reflecting the amount of WNDollars you have accrued. 

If you wish to have your WNDollars paid out on a Visa Giftcard, we will mail your card no later than the 15th of the following month.

Are there higher reward levels for referring more clients?
Yes! We want to reward you with more WNDollars for more referrals. Here’s how the status levels work for you:

  • Bronze Status:  Send us 1 - 5 referrals in a calendar year and receive  $25.00 for each referral
  • Silver Status: Your 6th - 10th referrals in a calendar year will be rewarded at $50.00 for each referral
  • Gold Status: Your 11th referral (or more) in a calendar year will be rewarded at $75.00 for each referral

Will I lose my WNDollars if I don’t use them for WiredNDesign services by December 31st of that year? Is my referral status reset at the beginning of each calendar year?

If you do not use WNDollars for services within the calendar year, we will pay them out with a Giftcard. Referrals in December will be considered part of the next year since that is when they will be paid out, but they will still be paid out as if accrued with the previous year.  For example,  If you are at your fifth referral and get another one in December, you will have advanced to Silver status and receive $50 on the referral; however, on January 1st you will return to Bronze status.

How do I get started?


OR, just call us at:

….and let us help you!  We would love to talk about any leads you might have, and we want to make it really easy to start earning WNDollars right away!

Start referring today, and let us show our appreciation
by giving you WNDollars! 

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